Bully Frog Book

Bully Frog by Roni Benson & Ginger Lieberman

  • A teaching story for early childhood understanding of Bullying
  • A must-have teaching tool for grades K-4
  • Teaching materials and lesson plans in a Card Package
  • Color story books and/or black and white books to color

Bully Frog is the story of young frogs in the town of Lily Pond during their first days of school in Leapfrog Elementary School. Bully Frog wreaks havoc on the lives of two youngsters and soon the adults step in to help remedy the situation. But it is basically the students who must solve the problem by becoming pro-active about caring, acting responsibly and being inclusive.

Typical youngsters are represented: Fitness Frog, Foreign Frog, Friendly Frog, Brainy Frog, Fraidy Frog, Fabulous Frog and of course Billy Frog (a.k.a. Bully Frog.) Helping adults are Mr. Toad the teacher, Fraidy Frog's mother, Principal Frogmum, and Nurse Feelwell.

bf_award_smallestWinner 2004 Legacy Book Award for outstanding book from the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

ISBN: 0-89824-628-8

Price: $9.99

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