Cyberbullies Beware

The mission of CYBERBULLIES BEWARE is to ensure that all parts of the educational community: students, staff and parents, understand the nature and consequences of bullying and cyberbullying behavior.  Through our proactive educational programs, all stakeholders work to create a school atmosphere in which everyone feels safe and bullying and cyberbullying are not allowed.

Cyberbullying is the use of email, cell phones, instant messaging and social media sites to support deliberately hostile behavior with the intention of harming others.  The consequences can be devastating or even deadly.

Whose responsibility is it?

Parents, Educators and Children If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


CYBERBULLIES BEWARE works by making students aware of the dangers inherent in the use of social media, so they will be less likely to get into or cause trouble. Cyberbullying is making headlines.  Children are committing suicide.  It is all over the media.  We implore you to learn how to keep your children safe in school, on the playground and in cyberspace.

Through interactive workshops, (preK-12) LIPEN professionals teach students, staff and parents about internet dangers, including: cyberbullying, texting, pedophiles, sexting and their potentially tragic consequences.

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