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Our flagship program, Bully Frog (www.bullyfrog.com) is a nationally recognized bullying prevention program. Its philosophy is that stopping bullying is a generational and cultural change. For the past 25 years, the program has been delivered to over 300,000 students nationwide.

These programs offer dynamic and innovative strategies and skills to create a school environment where bullying/cyberbullying are not acceptable. Supporting materials are provided to ensure that the program is ongoing throughout the school year.

  • Thousands of children miss school each day in this country due to fear of being bullied
  • Thirteen million American children between the ages of 6 and 17 have been cyberbullied. (Source: Fight Crime Invest in Kids)
  • One third of all children in the United States – over 5.7 million – are estimated to be involved in bullying as bullies, targets of bullying, or both; most of these children do not even tell their parents or caregivers.
  • More than one in ten tenth graders in New York State will attempt suicide this year. (Source: New York State Office of Mental Health)
  • Boys are as likely as girls to be targeted on the Internet by threats or efforts to humiliate them.
  • Bullying is a National Health Epidemic and this year, the American Academy of Pediatrics will for the first time, include a section on bullying in its official policy statement on the pediatrician’s role in preventing youth violence.
  • Conflict Resolution does not work for bullying

Our programs on Cyberbullying and Internet Dangers are designed for everyone from school administrators and teachers to parents and the students themselves. The programs are designed to help schools become proactive in dealing with the modern concept of bullying, whether on school grounds or in Cyberspace.

Children and adults need to become aware of the consequences of cyberbullying. Educating them is the first step.


For additional program information and pricing: 516 697-0885, 516 509-7900 or info@bullyfrog.com.

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