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LIPEN is a professional education network whose co-directors are certified by New York State as trainers for the Dignity For All Students Act.  LIPEN has over twenty years of experience conducting workshops for school staff, students and parents.


Our anti-bullying and cyberbullying programs are designed to help schools deal proactively with bullying in its most modern forms, whether on school grounds or in Cyberspace. LIPEN’s programs help children develop good social and emotional skills which research suggests make a big difference in their long-term health and well-being.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of email, cell phones, instant messaging and social media sites to support deliberately hostile behavior with the intention of harming others. Email, cell phone cameras and popular social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have become tools for Cyberbullies, and the consequences can be devastating.

Every interaction of students with the internet creates and expands their digital footprints which will last forever!   For more information on the dangers of Cyberbullying check out CyberBulliesBeware.

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Our Experience

LIPEN Directors Roni Benson and Ginger Lieberman have been certified by New York State as providers of DASA training in the treatment and prevention of Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment and Discrimination in Schools.

They have wide-ranging experience as keynote speakers, workshop leaders and facilitators at regional and national educational conferences, workshops and symposia and have received recognition from the members of the United States Senate and Congress as well as members of the New York State Senate and Assembly.

Roni and Ginger are national award-winning authors of Bully Frog, the first in a series of children’s books on character education. Their second book, Forlorn Frog’s Fantastic Valentine’s Day, continues with emphasis on girl bullying, social or relational aggression.

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LIPEN Experience

Roni Benson

Served as a trustee of the Nassau County Youth Board and is a member of the Nassau County DA’s Committee on Youth Safety.

Ginger Lieberman

Served as Child Care Commissioner of the Nassau County Legislature and is a recipient of the Nassau BOCES Educational Partnership Award.


As pioneers in the field both Roni and Ginger are recipients of the Nassau County Legislature’s “Trailblazers of The New Millennium” Award.

How We Can Help

LIPEN provides anti-bullying/cyberbullying/harassment programs for pre-K through 12th grades. Workshops give educators, students and staff an entertaining, interactive and effective way to help everyone in the school community deal with these types of anti-social behavior.


The focus is not just on the bully or the victim but on the bystanders who observe and do nothing. The concept of empathy is explained and promoted. Children learn cooperation and non-violent solutions to conflicts. These concepts are needed to create kind, caring, and cooperative classrooms.

Teachers and Staff

Professionals learn how to ensure that the school climate is kind, caring and hostile-free. The focus is not just on the bully and the victim but on the bystanders. LIPEN Professionals work with staff to create a DASA compliant school, free of bulllying, cyberbullying and harassing behavior.


LIPEN professionals conduct an interactive workshop, identifying the five types of bullying/cyberbullying behaviors. Dangers inherent in the use of social media will be discussed.

DASA Training

As certified Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) trainers, LIPEN, in partnership with Nassau BOCES and Long Island University, can help new and current teachers, social workers, coaches, aides and other school staff become DASA compliant and prepare them for handling all types of bullying behaviors.

The program objective is to create an empathetic climate which empowers bystanders to become upstanders.

Program Details

Bully Frog

The Bully Frog Program

LIPEN’s flagship program, Bully Frog is a character education program for both elementary and middle school, that finally gives educators, students and parents an entertaining, interactive and effective way to help students successfully deal with bullying and cyberbullying behavior and has been used by educators for over twenty years.

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Students Trained:
Teachers Trained:

I’m in education for 27 years – your presentation has been the best I’ve experienced in a long time

Suffolk County schoolteacher

“Roni and Ginger are fantastic educators. Very well spoken, moved through the course gracefully, and are knowledgeable and entertaining. Very, very good job!!!”

New York City Teacher

Most effective 2-person team keeping audience interested all the time. Very educational and helpful. Extremely well-planned … Great class that every teacher needs. Please come to my kids’school!

Nassau County Schoolteacher

“The most provocative, thought-provoking workshop I’ve attended thus far.The presenters were confident, well organized and presented the most relevant information/topics I’ve ever experienced working for the Department of Education. This workshop exceeded my expectations. Keep up the magnificent work, ladies!”

Bedford-Stuyvesant schoolteacher

“This is the most valuable workshop that I have ever attended. Ginger and Roni held my attention from start to finish while sharing a wealth of information that will improve the way that I help my students!”

New York City schoolteacher

“This program was extraordinarily well done. [Long programs] can be torture, but the presentations were engaging and attention grabbing. Thank you for making a seminar I was dreading very informative and extremely worthwhile.”

Long Island schoolteacher

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